Video of the Day: Twin Turbo V10 Swapped Audi C4 S6 Avant

video: Deutsche Auto Parts

This is 100% because I wanted to and why not kind of build. That thought has probably ran through all our minds at one time or another but if you’re like me, I can barely change the oil in my cars. Joel though is thankfully not like me. He taught himself fabrication and even painted his Avant (in Merlin Purple) in his home garage.

In the year since his Avant was last featured on DAP’s YouTube channel, it’s gone through a lot. He stripped the car from interior to engine and transmission. He painted it the aforementioned Merlin Purple, swapped in a black interior, and two GT35 turbos. A lot of thought went into this and he’s not quite done with it. This Avant is what happens when you have imagination and the skills to pull it off.  If you want to see last year’s video and see what the Avant looked then, click HERE. Follow Joel on Instagram and on his own YouTube channel. Enjoy the video below.

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