Steve Beddor, Sport quattro Owner & ACNA Founding Family, Talks Selling His Dad’s Sport quattro

Steve Beddor doesn’t just own a real Sport quattro with Audi Sport rally era upgrades, he’s also selling another identical car that was his father. And his father wasn’t just any father, but also the founder of Audi Club North America who imported no less than five of the short-wheelbase Group B homologation cars in period (1986). Steve covers all kinds of ground you won’t want to miss, including tales of the missing fifth Sport quattro, watching Walter Röhrl compete at Pike’s Peak, driving Ruf’s prototype CTR1 Yellow Bird and competing himself at Pike’s Peak.

Check it out and also check out his dad’s Sport quattro currently up for auction on Bring a Trailer.

Watch it below, or find it on these Podcast Channels. Apple | Amazon | Spotify | YouTube

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