RS 5 Avant Test Mule Teases Future of Audi ICE Performance

What a week for our spy photographer sources to be in frigid Sweden photographing cold weather testing. Turns out the heat was in Bavaria, as photographers for outlets such as CarWow and Carscoops nabbed shots of maybe one of the most hotly anticipated new models… the upcoming B10 RS 5 Avant.

Yes. RS 5.

Yes. Avant.

For those not keeping track, Audi will move its ICE product range to the odd numbers of its naming convention – A3, A5, A7. Events like A4 and A6 will be full EVs. This means the next replacement for the RS 4 Avant will be called the RS 5 Avant.

With two different ranges of cars now being developed, there’s also a streamlining taking effect. Sources tell us Coupe, Cabriolet and sedan models will not make the cut for the B10 era (or the EV equivalent for that matter). This leaves a 5-door Sportback and long roof Avants as the only offerings. So, when the B10 RS equivalent hits the streets, this means the RS 5 Sportback carries on, while the RS 4 Avant gives way to a new RS 5 Avant. Think of it more like a scaled down version of the relationship between the RS 6 Avant and RS 7 Sportback. That’s definitely not a bad thing.

Okay, but the RS 4 Avant has never sold in America… so will it come Stateside? Our guess is yes. There’s no question that the RS 6 Avant has been both successful in sales numbers and also residual values that are critical when determining lease rates.

For power, expect an updated version of the 2.9 biturbo from the current RS 4 and RS 5 offerings, but likely paired with a hybrid drive system for increased performance and efficiency.

Make sure to check out CarWow for more photos of additional angles like the one seen above. You can see them HERE.

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