Ken Block’s NEW 637hp All-Electric Audi RS e-tron GT! The fastest production RS on Earth!

As you may know, Audi and I have partnered to create the first ever all-electric Gymkhana car for Electrikhana! But our partnership doesn’t stop there… A new year for me means new projects, so I’m very proud to introduce my brand-new Audi RS e-tron GT daily driver! At the snap of a finger (or of my right foot) the e-tron GT produces 637 horsepower and 612 foot-pounds of torque INSTANTLY, making it the fastest RS badged production car on earth. Awesome, right? It’s the perfect fit for me, my family and all the wild snowboard adventures that I partake in here in Utah on the daily basis. Enjoy episode 1 of 6 dedicated to my Audi RS e-tron GT!

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