Inside Audi’s Secret Storage Facility: Scotto Loses His Mind! Racecars Everywhere

Out in Ingolstadt, Germany, you can find Audi headquarters. Where there’s a nice Audi museum, with a great collection of vintage Audi prototypes, racecars, and more. But we didn’t go to that museum. Nah, because with Scotto in tow – you KNOW Audi is going to hook it up. So beyond letting the tall one drive an R8, they take us to a storage facility deep inside the factory walls, that houses THREE floors of the most drool-worthy car collection we’ve seen in a long time. Maybe ever. And that’s saying something, coming from a single manufacturer. But then again, the complete Auto Union is made up of Audi, Horsch, Wanderer, DKW and sometimes NSU… yeah, the episode is packed with Audi history too. Oh and some 5-Cylinder Turbo Noise courtesy of Walter Röhrl bumping the Group B jams. .

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