Future Lighting Tech Showcased with Audi Q6L e-tron at Design Shanghai

  • From June 19 to 22, FAW Audi appeared in the 11th “Design Shanghai” with the new Audi Q6L e-tron, highlighting the profound design background of the four-ring brand and writing a new chapter facing the future.
  • The Audi brand constantly integrates advanced aesthetic concepts and innovative technology into the automotive lighting technology, giving more possibilities for high-end travel in the future.
  • As a masterpiece of Audi lighting technology, the new Audi Q6L e-tron once again shows the strong design imagination and technical strength of industry leaders.

[source: Audi China, translation by Apple]

On June 19, the 11th “Design Shanghai” was officially opened at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Center. As the exclusive named partner of this year’s design event, FAW Audi appeared at this design event with the new Audi Q6L e-tron, the first model of the PPE pure electric platform. At the event site, FAW Audi conveyed the future high-end travel vision created by groundbreaking lighting design and advanced technology to the audience through the interactive art installation “Language of Light”.

For a long time, the Audi brand has been constantly innovating lighting technology, giving car lighting multiple attributes such as safety, interaction and emotional expression. Entering the era of digital intelligence, the new Audi Q6L e-tron created exclusively for the Chinese market is signed by Audi with the first second-generation OLED taillights and groundbreaking dynamic digital lights, conveying the high-end mobile travel future created by Audi to consumers.

César Muntada, head of Audi’s global lighting design, pointed out that light is not only a universal language, but also an important tool for personalized expression and experience. As a leader in automotive lighting technology, Audi’s lead is more than the era of intelligent lighting design. From the traditional light source lighting stage, the Audi brand is the first European car brand equipped with halogen light source and xenon light source. In 2008, the Audi R8 became the world’s first mass production model equipped with full LED headlights, creating an era of full LED light source. Under the guidance of the Audi brand, full LED headlights also became one of the standard configurations of the top luxury car products at that time.

Subsequently, Audi launched matrix LED headlights with cross-generational significance in 2014 to achieve a safer and more reasonable lighting scheme through the accurate control of the internal light source of the lamp group, which also established Audi’s important position in the field of lighting design. Nowadays, matrix LED headlights have been widely used in all Audi models, becoming an important design embodiment that the four-ring brand is proud of. In 2017, Audi once again became the first automobile brand in the industry to integrate laser high beams with matrix LED headlights, and achieved a high beam illumination distance of about 600 meters, leading the automotive industry into the era of laser headlights. Entering the era of digital intelligence, Audi has successively launched interactive digital matrix LED headlights, flexible digital OLED taillights, micro high-resolution LED projection lamps and other technologies, which have led a new direction for automotive lighting technology while realizing the industry’s first. Among them, the digital matrix LED headlights launched by Audi as early as 2019 allow the headlights to generate a film-grade pixel-quality lighting effect through a DMD chip that integrates 1.3 million micro-mirrors. Audi e-tron equipped with digital matrix LED headlights can also lay a “flowing light blanket” for its own driving lane to achieve a safer and more personalized high-end travel experience.

New Audi Q6L e-tron: advanced concept makes headlights speak

With the rapid development of electric technology, Audi has also lit up the future of high-end mobile travel in the field of automotive lighting through intelligent upgrading. As the absolute protagonist of this year’s “Design Shanghai”, the new Audi Q6L e-tron presents the strong imagination of “car lighting design leader” to the public.

The second-generation digital OLED taillight technology carried by Audi Q6L e-tron for the first time leads automotive lighting technology to a new peak, increasing the number of light-emitting units (the number of light-emitting units per OLED panel increased from 6 to 60 in the first generation. There are a total of 360 light-emitting units in the panel), and it also has 12 light and shade adjustments, which can be refreshed 100 times per second. With the powerful functions of 8 digital light signatures, it fully meets the user’s diversified personality expression. Audi Q6L e-tron digital OLED technology eliminates the reflectors, light conductors or optical devices required by the surface light source, ensuring uniformity and high-contrast lighting performance. The combination of integrated LED light strip and 3D glass at the rear of the car distinguishes the taillight style from other lighting functions, which also leads the new trend of automotive lighting design.

Under the strong hardware foundation, the second-generation digital OLED taillights carried by Audi Q6L e-tron can warn the rear vehicles to pay attention to safety by displaying static taillight signals with warning signs, and even extend the safety concept to pedestrians, bicycles and other road traffic participants. Through this lighting technology, Audi realizes the communication and interaction between the vehicle and the surrounding environment for the first time (car-to-X Internet of Vehicles). In case of emergency, the vehicle can display a specific static taillight pattern with integrated warning symbols, and can issue emergency assistance, RECAS (rear-end collision alarm signal), danger Warning symbols such as danger warning lights, emergency call (eCall), roadside assistance call (bCall), emergency brake lights, departure reminder, proximity warning, automatic parking, etc. improve the safety of other vehicles, pedestrians and even bicycles.

In addition, the Audi Q6L e-tron is also equipped with the independent design of a new generation of digital daytime lights and headlight modules, which improves visual clarity. Digital daytime driving lights use transparent 3D effect LEDs (70 in total), and the front of the headlights combines a sophisticated prism structure and metal-like 3D frame decoration, making the “digital eye” of the vehicle more eye-catching.

For a long time, the Audi brand has continued to create an unprecedented digital lighting experience for users through continuous technological innovation. In the future, the Audi brand will continue to integrate advanced aesthetic concepts and innovative technology into automotive lighting technology, giving more possibilities for high-end travel in the future.

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