Find of the Day: Stateside ’73 Audi 100 Coupé S Project

Even in Europe where it was actually sold, the C1 Audi 100 Coupé S is an obscure find. Here in North America, it’s even more unknown given its age and having never been sold here. A few have been imported, though maybe less than five, which makes finding one on Facebook Marketplace in Pensacola, FL an extra special treat.

Effectively, the Coupé S was the first model launched in the modern (read: post war) Audi era. At the time, Ingolstadt was readying its new front-wheel drive platform first developed under Mercedes-Benz. And though 2-door and 4-door sedan versions were planned, the car that garnered the most headlines was a more sporting fastback coupe penned by the fledgeling brand’s lead designer Hartmut Warkuss.

This car is believed to be a chassis that had turned up for sale outside of Frederick, MD several years ago. If so, it’s received a coat of blue paint since then. The owner confirms what photos already state, that it’s a project and that several totes of parts come with it.

In factory preserved form, these are handsome yet not terribly high-performance cars. They were pre-quattro front-wheel drive and powered by a 4-cylinder engine. Even with a modest drivetrain though, they’re well-loved and whole examples tend to command anywhere from $20,000 – $50,000 or more for a very well preserved and sorted car.

That this car is listed for $7,500 speaks to its project car condition. It’s also a price that seems fair for a car in this condition even in Europe. That it’s already here makes importation a non-issue, though finding compatible parts may be more of a challenge.

Check out more information on Facebook Marketplace.

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