Audi Avant Family to Visit Qiandao Lake with Play Festival During China’s Dragon Boat Holiday

  • FAW Audi joined hands with China’s first Play Festival to create a playful place exclusive to explorers and pioneers, inviting users to live a vast life in the lake and mountains, freely wield creative enthusiasm and free nature.
  • The Audi Avant family gathered at the China Play Festival. Each one satisfies people’s endless imagination of travel.
  • As a leader of luxury station wagons, the Audi brand always pays attention to the high-end travel needs and spiritual value pursuit of users, exploring the unknown with users, chasing freedom and living a vast life.

Editor’s Note: It’s always interesting to see how other Audi markets promote and celebrate the Audi brand, mainly through events and special edition product. We publish this sort of news, stories like this Avant celebration by Audi in China, in order to share brand activities from around the world and inspire the community in different ways.

[source: Audi China, translation by Apple, edited by Audi Club]

The breeze is light in summer, and it is another year old. During the Dragon Boat Festival, the FAW Audi Avant family, together with China’s first Play Festival, held a unique outdoor experience activity in the beautiful Thousand Island Lake. With the theme of “playful reasonable, out of control”, the activity invites life explorers from all over the country who can play and dare to play and the life pioneers of life to jump out of the daily barriers together, regain the yearning for the unknown, wantonly creative enthusiasm and free nature in the lake and mountains, and live a vast life.

Explore infinite possibilities with a playful game.

Explore the infinite possibilities of life, starting with an outdoor sport. FAW Audi, together with China’s first Play Festival, has created a place exclusive to explorers and pioneers in the Qiandao Lake Huamei Resort. It has set up a play fair, water magic carpet flying man, motorcycle cruise, island cycling, cross-country hiking and other experience projects to encourage everyone to use their unique curiosity, imagination and creativity. To express your love and exploration for life and the world, and be the one who loves to play, is the most good at playing, and dares to play the most.

At the event market, FAW Audi, together with well-known domestic retro, trendy, outdoor brands, merchants and club managers, jointly created outdoor, modification and other theme areas to show the freshness of the crock trunk market; the addition of the locomotive cruise, the addition of seven Audi Avants makes the whole cruise team more spectacular. The locomotive roars, the crocks are playful, and the outdoor passion is wild; the primitive forest hiking allows people to touch the magic of nature’s creation in leisure; mountain greenway riding makes people feel the joy of sweating in summer; about 80 meters of water yoga floating blanket, let people feel the speed and passion on the water; colorful and gorgeous Thousand Island Fireworks Show instantly ignites the dream and romance of a summer night; the music barbecue party makes hearing, taste and enthusiasm bloom at the same time. Here, whether you participate in it in any way, you can experience the meaning of the “extravance of life” of the Audi station wagon.

Meet all imaginations with a crock.

At the Play Festival, there are figures of the Audi Avant family everywhere. They were born in different times, but they gathered in the same time and space. Classic car, popular “prairie wolf”, magic modified Audi A4 allroad, avant-garde Audi A6 Avant, explore the infinite Audi A6 allroad, the family’s first S-series station wagon Audi S4 Avant… Each one is loaded with the poems and distance of crock fans; each one satisfies people’s endless imagination of travel.

“Avant” is said to be avant-garde. Since the first Avant opened a new market segment for Audi in 1977, it has always led the stylization of the station wagon market. As the origin of Audi station wagons, the generation of Audi A6 Avant has become the pioneer car of station wagon enthusiasts in different eras over the long years. The Audi A6 Avant, which appeared in Qiandao Lake, adopts a family-style design, combined with an efficient and ultimate power combination with the standard ultra quattro intelligent four-wheel drive system, which comprehensively strengthens the sports genes and fuel performance of the model and provides users with a more extreme car experience.

The Audi A4 Avant, another station wagon that the family is proud of, adheres to the luxury quality and sports genes of the Audi family, perfectly integrates the comfort and practical performance of the station wagon, and reshapes the market standard of luxury B-class station wagon with excellent quality, luxury style and charm. The addition of Audi S4 Avant not only enriches the product matrix of the Audi station wagon family, but also gives users more imagination and possibilities through the legendary Avant pioneer design and the surging power performance of the S series, so that every journey can become a free and passionate journey.

“allroad”, as the name implies, is the whole road condition. Since the launch of Audi allroad, it has always been favored by station wagon enthusiasts with its strong off-road capabilities and luxury quality. Facing the demands of users in the new era, Audi A6 allroad retains the consistent strong off-road ability and luxury quality. The Audi A6 allroad 55TFSI premium off-road model, equipped with a 3.0 TFSI V6 engine, matched with 7-speed S Tronic transmission and 48V light hybrid technology, and the acceleration time of 100 kilometers is only 5.6 seconds; and efficient power system is matched with the Audi ultra quattro intelligent four-wheel drive system, which becomes more intelligent and efficient on the basis of inheriting the advantages of the original Audi quattro. The standard air suspension that supports up to 60 mm stroke adjustment and matches the electromagnetic adjustable damping shock absorber. The filter performance is more flexible, highlighting the unique advanced sense of Audi all-terrain station wagon.

While further enriching the lineup of the Audi station wagon family, the Audi A4 allroad also highlights Audi’s hard strength and leadership position in the field of luxury station wagons, and once again interprets the new standard of luxury all-road station wagons, with unique product charm and driving control quality covering all road conditions. Users bring a richer driving experience.

It is reasonable to play and out of control. It is not only a kind of wisdom of life, but also an attitude towards life. The fans of the Audi station wagon family are a group of people who dare to play. They are loyal to themselves and know how to care about family romance. They team up and play wildly. The Audi station wagon family is their common choice. As a leader of luxury station wagons, the Audi brand always pays attention to the high-end travel needs and spiritual value pursuit of users, exploring the unknown with users, chasing freedom, and living a vast life.

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